Frequently asked questions

How long does the process takes?

Results vary per consumer as each credit report is different. However, most see results within 30 days. Debt collectors have 30 days to respond to any all disputes. Sometimes, several interactions are required to get the desire results. Consumers are also given financial plans to adhere to while working with creditors to get their desired results. Total process can take 1 -6 months.

What happens after I book my initial consultation?

Once your consultation is booked, one of our Credit Consultants will call you during your scheduled time to review your credit audit. During your consultation, we will discuss your custom Credit Plan and the actions needed to achieve your desired results.

Which credit monitoring services would you recommend

There are several credit monitoring services available. You can go directly to each bureau: Transunion, Equifax and Experian or you can use third party services that monitor all 3 credit reports such as: Smart Credit, Privacy Guard or Identity IQ.

How will l stay updated on my results?

All clients will have access to their online members portal where they can communicate and view all updates and results online.

How do I cancel services?

If you’d like to cancel services prior to completion of your program. Simply send us an email 72 hours before your next payment is due.

What is the refund policy?

If you do not receive any results within 90 days. We will provide a 100% refund.

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